Birthdays & Weddings


What could be more entertaining than having James Bond making an appearance on your big day.

Having 007 Daniel Craig at your Wedding or Birthday party is a great way to break the ice with all your family and friends.

Your guests will do a double take when they walk into the venue and see Steve in his Dinner Jacket looking every bit like Mr. Bond. While they are still trying to work out if it is Daniel Craig, he will greet your guests like old friends and soon be posing for photos with all the lovely lady’s making them feel like a film star.

Never wanting to miss anyone Steve will mingle with all your guests and maybe let slip that the Groom is actually 008 in his other secret life or the Birthday Girl is infact an undercover Agent for MI6.

There to help with announcements, present flowers, gifts or maybe just to move the guest along a little quicker with the help of his Walther PPK, Steve as Daniel Craig will certainly be a talking point of the night.