Stunt Teams


There are two parts to Bond one is the charm and the sophistication a hit with the ladies and the other is the ruthless way he dispatches the villains.

Now is your chance to have both sides of Bond at your event.

For the last 6 years Steve has teamed up with Stunt Action Specialists (SAS) to bring a truly amazing Bond themed stunt show to audiences both around the world and in the UK.

From storming the venue to kidnapping the CEO the show is full of Gunfights, Explosions, Fistfights preformed by Villains, SAS men and even a PVC clad woman who packs a killer punch. All this action takes place just a few feet away from the audience are sitting giving them a taste of what it’s like to be in a Bond film.

Steve and the SAS have come up with a superb 007 Stunt show that will leave your guest shaken and stirred.