Trade Shows & Product Launches


Trade shows and Product launches are always an important event for a company. You only have one chance to make a big impression and sometimes having a Secret Agent on board is the perfect match to elevate your product into the public’s eye.

Quality, English, Sophistication, Resourcefulness these are just a few words that sums up James Bond and are also the quality’s that companies want to aline their products too, so its not surprising that Steve has been asked many times to be present when products are being launched.

Like wise with Trade Shows. They are a great way to interact with your customers but how do you get them to come onto your stand when every other company is trying to do the same? Hire Bond and let him do the recruiting of new “00” agents onto your stand.

Steve has a very outgoing personality and is great with people. He will convey your company message in a charming yet entertaining way to make sure everyone leaves shaken and stirred and knowing your USP.